It is impossible today to promote goods well without advertising. With the help of BTL events, you can greatly increase sales and promote the brand.


The acronym BTL is decrypted as “below the line” (below the line). By such means of communication we keep in mind the events which are not related to direct advertising.

The main advantage in which BTL advertising differs from other marketing techniques is that you don’t need to spend a lot of finance. BTL in Minsk will bring the expected success if it is organized by specialists with many years of experience in such events. In addition, most commercial organizations simply can’t afford to keep the state designers, architects and other specialists in the organization of advertising events..


  • Increasing brand recognition or company production;


  • Reporting to consumers the most complete information about client products;


  • Creating and supporting of company image;


  • Creating emotional addiction of clients on services and products of the company.

The professional holding of BTL events has a number of certain advantages:

  • after such an action, the popularity of production and services among potential clients increases;


  • you bring full information about new production (services) to clients, and their number is increasing;


  • an entrepreneur automatically increases sales of a specific brand production  or a specific service;


  • thanks to the competent development of BTL-events, the competent positioning and brand presentation is carried out – clients are emotionally addicted to it.


The development of BTL events may contain several elements. The first is sales promotion in the sphere of re-sale. For this, several competitions are organized among dealers. The second is sales promotion among the company’s clients. For this, a temporary discount is set for a new production or service, they guarantee a refund if they do not like it.

One of the most effective elements is direct marketing, which gives the opportunity to work with narrowly targeted market companies. In addition, special events are necessary to form the required corporate image.

We organize BTL events professionally. Thanks to our work, your brand will become more recognizable in the shortest time, you will provide clients with the maximum information about it.

With our help, you can shorten the distance between your products and end-users. Workers of our agency will determine the objective audience of your company and hold optimal BTL events for it.

Our experience and professionalism have helped many organizations become more successful and popular!
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